Latest Appointments

"Appointed as: Program Committee Chairman" Association of Medical Consultants (AMC)"

a. Professor & Head - Pediatric Surgeon

b. Chairman : Pediatric Surgical Oncology Section - IAPS (Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeons) 2018-2019

c. Hon. Secretary : AMC (Association of Medical Consultants) 2018-2019

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Neonates, infants and Children are a very vulnerable group of the society and they need to be nurtured and protected. They can fall prey to not just minor illnesses such as cough and cold but can have ailments which require surgical intervention.

A child who requires surgery has special needs and it is important to take care of all the age appropriate needs. The newborns with birth defects are special, and again require utmost care and understanding of the disease process to provide them the best of care and complete cure. The capacity of a child to recover following the operation is tremendous, and many a times, much better than the adults, if provided the right environment.

With an experience of over 15 years, my aim is to relieve these children of the sufferings with utmost care and compassion, and also to spread the message that if children with surgical illnesses are brought on time without any delays, many of them can be completely cured.

My belief is my strength

My commitment is my power

My passion is my key

My dreams are my breath

And Children are my life...